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How Is It Possible to Heat Your Space
For 3-5 Minutes?


Heat from central heating is expensive and you need to save money. Using air conditioning and convectors is not efficient enough. The result is that in the coldest weather it is not possible to heat every corner of your home. Heat is not equally distributed everywhere in your home, office, garage, etc. When you are standing at one place reading, working while sitting, on the PC, even when you are helping your child with the homework you feel your feet freezing!

With elegent design, small and ultra portable – it is the most efficient heating device on the market today! It is plugged in directly into the socket and is easy to use. To get warm instantly you have to turn it on, set the desired temperature and leave it to heat the room. It is suitable for small and large premises as well as for more than one rooms as well.

WanderHeat Can Heat Effectively
a Space of 30-35 m2
With WanderHeat you just get warm instantly!


Extremely effective, small-sized and safe for children and pets, it is the most portable plug-in heater known today.

All households that had started to use WanderHeat had considered all the advantages this plug-in heater possesses: you can take it with you everywhere, extra portable and suitable to put it in your suitcase, sack or even in your wife’s handbag!

With its 500 watts of power consumption and equipped with digital display showing the temperature, when the desired heat is achieved it switches off because of the in-built termostat.

WanderHeat Is All You Need In the Middle of Winter

  • Small & Ultra-Portable

    You can carry it with you everywhere, even in your handbag (at home, work & when travel)

  • Uses Energy Efficent Technology

    Equipped with a thermostat and “switch off” timer

  • Your Electricity Bill Does Not Rise

    It saves you both money and space, evenly heating your space

  • First Class Material

    With thermo-ceramic high class heating element

  • Plugs Into Outlets Easily

    Use it anywhere in your house, on your travel, office, garage etc...

  • Digital Control of the Temperature

    You set the desired temperature on the digital display. It switches off automatically when reached


Get warm & comfortable at last!

Stop wasting your money for crazy electricity bills trying to heat your home or office. WanderHeat can go everywhere with you in cold season

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WanderHeat can heat one or two rooms easily and the temperature will be spread equally everywhere. Do not wait, judge it for yourself, buy now!

WanderHeat is ultra portable, it can be put in a handbag.

Being on this webpage you immediately receive a price-off for more than one product. It is reliable, cheap and best present for parents and friends. This is a price-off promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Consumption of WanderHeat?

    500 WATTS
  • What Space
    Can It Heat?

    35 square metre
  • Is It Enregy-Efficient?

    Yes, it has
    an in-built timer
  • What Is The Range Of Temperature?

    20 to 32 C

Satisfied WanderHeat Customers Reviews

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The heat is spred around my home very well. There is no corner that is still cold and unpleasant during winter. I have tried it in both a large room and for two small rooms with opened door.

- Sara Miller

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The best heater for its size. I have never thought before that a small device like WanderHeat can make me feel warm in my big house. It can be put everywhere in your house and an automatic switch off function when you forgot about it. A Great heater! Possessing a digital display to set the temperature and to maintain it during the day. My family and I are very thankful and bought five of them as presents for our friends. ..Totally worths its price!!!

- Kathleen Mills

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The heat is spred aroun my home very well. There is no corner that is still cold and unpleasant during winter. I have tried it in both a large room and for two small rooms with opened door.

- Johny Cooper

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How To Use WanderHeat

  1. Just Plug WanderHeat Into the Outlet

    WanderHeat does not has a cable and does not take up much space on the floor. Just plug it in the outlet and turn on the switch on/ off button. The heating starts immediately.

  2. Switch on the Thermostat

    You can control the temperatura with the setting the thermostat (the ventilator has 2 rates)

  3. Heat Up Every Room and Space

    Suitable for:

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Why WanderHeat Is Energy-Saving & Efficient

  • Reliable Ceramic Heating Element

  • Plastic Box (does not get hot)

  • Automatic Switch Off

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